The Twitter adrenalin shot and what it’s doing to our brains

This is a cool interview on Wired with Maggie Jackson about our attention spans and how we’re killing them with technology – Digital Overload Is Frying Our Brains. I like this bit: “We are programmed to be interrupted. We get an adrenalin jolt when orienting to new stimuli: Our body actually rewards us for paying attention to the new. […]

Things I learnt from Twestival

There’s a lot of posts maybe to be written about Twestival – including a big proper thank you post – but this is the first one that springs to mind… 1 in 6 people in the world don’t have clean drinking water – not trying to be all worthy at you in the first point, but […]

Londonist: Twestival is a storming success

The flagship London event in the first global 24 hour charity Twestival was held last night in Shoreditch, and by all accounts – snow permitting – was a great night. As we reported yesterday, Twestival is a fundraising event born of micro-blogging site, which was the brainchild of a group of Londoners in late 2008. After the […]

Twestival goes global for 2009!

I’m going to be helping out with the PR for the super-dooper global Twestival this February, so thought I’d pop up this video which Ben Matthews tweeted today and I hadn’t seen before. It was a great night last year, but with sixty plus global cities signed up already, all raising money for the brilliant […]

Generous brands – Converse microsites

Just saw these Converse microsites for the first time although they launched last summer, they’re 20 connected URLs of alternative content varying from single word answers to animation, video series and more. Not sure how well they’ve done, some ad blogs were unsure and there are obvious SEO drawbacks, but I like them, a few examples below: Is everything going […]

SEO’ing the news

As a lifelong newspaper lover and having just moved from a PR agency to an SEO team, one big facet of the changing impact of the internet on journalism continues to attract my interest – that of the influence of SEO on editorial. I wrote on Shiny Red about it at the beginning of the […]

London Blogger Meet Ups 2008

While posting on the final London Blogger Meet Up for 2008 led by Rob McIntosh of Wine Conversation, I decided I needed an extra post on the year’s LBMs. They’ve been slickly organised by Andy Bargery, and changed massively throughout the year, I was impressed by this final installment so thought I’d post on them. The LBMs are […]

Wine AND blogging you say!

Good times this week at the London Blogger Meet Up (LBM) which combined two of my  favourite topics thanks to Rob McIntosh of Wine Conversation, who treated us to both wine tasting and thoughts on the wine market and blogosphere. There was actually so much about the evening that got me thinking that I’ve had to […]