The London Blogger Interviews #34 Gizmonaut

This week’s blog, Gizmonaut, reports on London’s policing and human rights, watching a variety of sources and cases, contributing to debate and openness on this issue in our capital. Describe your blog in less than 15 words Reporting about being calm, almost too calm, on human rights and policing issues, plus technology. Why did you […]

The London Blogger Interviews #30: Faded London

Many Londoner’s are fascinated with the city’s past and the glimpses of history on most streets. None more so than the brilliant Faded London, documenting “a city constantly re-inventing itself, but every now and then there’s a window on to the past..all worth recording before they are finally removed or hidden”. We’ve been wanting to […]

The London Blogger Interviews #29: Craft Guerilla

Another lovely London crafting blog this week – East London’s Craft Guerilla who are entertaining London with their ‘crafternoons’ as well as being featured in the awesomely named ‘Craftwerk 2.0’ exhibition in Sweden. If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it? Craft, community, place to share and […]

The London Blogger Interviews #28: The London Eater

This week’s interviewee is an established foodie blogger, who clearly knows his way around the London gastro landscape. Kang of London Eater, filled us in on some of his top tips and favourites – even tackling the ‘dream foodie day in London’ question with no hesitation! If you had to describe your blog in less than […]

The London Blogger Interviews #25: Urban 75

This week’s blog should need no introduction, a heavyweight of the London online landscape for nearly 15 years Urban75 displays the kind of personality and community that makes London great. We were able to grab some time with the founder to discover a bit more about the organic, dynamic nature of the site which so […]

The London Blogger Interviews #26: London Cyclist

After a summer break the London Blogger Interviews are back with a blog who’s theme is close to many of our hearts – cycling in London. Andreas’ excellent London Cyclist is a great resource for cyclists in London, as well as brimming with news, personality and passion for cycling. If you had to describe your […]

Bright One – Refugee Week

Following the Bright One first brithday party last week, celebrating a successful year at the not-for-profit communications agency, here’s the case study from the project I’ve volunteered on for Refugee Week: Bright One Case Study: Refugee Week 2009 The Bright One team I worked with – Luica Mak and Irina Stanescu were fantastic, as were […]