SEO’ing the news

As a lifelong newspaper lover and having just moved from a PR agency to an SEO team, one big facet of the changing impact of the internet on journalism continues to attract my interest – that of the influence of SEO on editorial. I wrote on Shiny Red about it at the beginning of the […]

London Blogger Meet Ups 2008

While posting on the final London Blogger Meet Up for 2008 led by Rob McIntosh of Wine Conversation, I decided I needed an extra post on the year’s LBMs. They’ve been slickly organised by Andy Bargery, and changed massively throughout the year, I was impressed by this final installment so thought I’d post on them. The LBMs are […]

Wine AND blogging you say!

Good times this week at the London Blogger Meet Up (LBM) which combined two of my  favourite topics thanks to Rob McIntosh of Wine Conversation, who treated us to both wine tasting and thoughts on the wine market and blogosphere. There was actually so much about the evening that got me thinking that I’ve had to […]

Got my first Matterbox

I got my first Matter Box today. I’d forgotten about it so it was a nice suprise, especially as noone gets good post – let alone a box full of fun free stuff that also lets me think about marketing. Treats. Here’s how they describe it: “In an increasingly virtual world, we’re beginning to appreciate […]

Cherie Blair @ LSE

I went to see Cherie Blair speak at LSE this week in her role as LSE alumni and also to plug her new book Speaking for Myself. I was a bit too young and uninterested in politics to pay much attention to her during ‘The Blair Years’ so I went without too many preconceived opinions and found her a great speaker, obviously in […]

Oops – Motorola Astroturfing

Oops, Motorola caught astroturfing this week, and in brazen style on some of the world’s biggest blogs. Boing Boing this week posted ‘Motorola, could you please tell your viral marketer to get out of our comments?’, after they got hit with gems like: “I’m so glad my boss isn’t like that! I’m working with Motorola right now, […]

What inspires me to blog

Lovely Ben tagged me in a meme about what inspires your blog posts, that lots of people like Wadds, Drew, Ged and Matthew have already responded to. Top things would be the below: Gigs and events – Probably my top inspiration, I find it easiest to write about things I’ve experienced, like Sarah Palin pinatas My Google reader  […]

Cool Toshiba timesculpture

Ooh,  this advert just made me look up from my laptop, and head to YouTube for a second dose. The music caught my attention – a remix of Air War by the excellent Crystal Castles, who’s Alice Glass recently topped the NME cool list (cool girls are so much cooler than cool boys). Anyway, the visuals kept […]

Tell us about the last good party you went to…?

Just posted on Shiny Red: As part of activity to celebrate all the ways you can organise a party on, I had a good day asking members of the public about the last party they went to. Below is the result, unsurprisingly a few juicy anecdotes were shared and it was obvious that we do like to […]

Silicon Stilettos

Great to meet lots of lovely old and new friends at Silicon Stilettos last night. Big kudos to Zuzanna for organising this clearly very-much-welcomed get together of London’s fabulous digital ladies. My write up is over on Londonist: Silicon Stilettos in Soho Come to the next one ladies!   And posted on Shiny Red.