The London Blogger Interviews #26: London Cyclist

After a summer break the London Blogger Interviews are back with a blog who’s theme is close to many of our hearts – cycling in London. Andreas’ excellent London Cyclist is a great resource for cyclists in London, as well as brimming with news, personality and passion for cycling. If you had to describe your […]

Edinburgh Festival Day One

I’ve just got back from my first ever trip to the Edinburgh Festival, and it was brilliant! So impressed, Edinburgh was more gorgeous than I remembered and everything from the organisation, to the quality and diversity of the festival was impressive. I’m so jealous of people who get to go along as part of it, it must be knackering but ace. […]

Thailand – Fresh Asian Baked

Thought I’d write about Thailand as everyone’s a bit China focussed. Just went there on my hols the other week, and it was ace, did Bangkok, treehouses in rainforests, rafthouses, elephant rides, tuk tuks, watched monkeys eat lychees – all the stuff you’re supposed to do. A few random finds below…. Condoms & Cabbages Bizzarre […]

MOO and showing off and Thailand!

Ooh, had a lovely and busy week at the T3 and MOO parties, and showing off about Shiny Red blog a bit. Shiny Red is where I wrote my very first post and learned to become a full on geek, I’m really proud of the blog, so it’s cool to see that it’s doing well. […]