Cool Toshiba timesculpture

Ooh,  this advert just made me look up from my laptop, and head to YouTube for a second dose. The music caught my attention – a remix of Air War by the excellent Crystal Castles, who’s Alice Glass recently topped the NME cool list (cool girls are so much cooler than cool boys). Anyway, the visuals kept […]

Homer votes Obama & attempts Don Draper

The Simpsons is 20! Amazing huh? So it’s not surprising that it isn’t quite the must-see TV it used to be, but I’m pleased to hear it’s still making political bites. In their latest Halloween episode Homer gets into a fight with a rigged voting machine which keeps registering his Obama selection as a vote for McCain. Homer votes […]

Local news for local people

It’s good to see it’s not all doom and gloom at the UK’s regional papers. I enjoyed Jon Clements post about the way the 140 year old Manchester Evening News is integrating print, online and broadcast. Jon quoted Assistant News Editor, Paul Gallagher, explaining that the breadth of options gives them and their audience more […]

Thailand – Fresh Asian Baked

Thought I’d write about Thailand as everyone’s a bit China focussed. Just went there on my hols the other week, and it was ace, did Bangkok, treehouses in rainforests, rafthouses, elephant rides, tuk tuks, watched monkeys eat lychees – all the stuff you’re supposed to do. A few random finds below…. Condoms & Cabbages Bizzarre […]

Shiny & Panorama and TechCrunch & the BBC

It seems to have been a week of good and bad moves by the BBC in terms of their relations with the UK’s online community. A schoolboy error with Shiny Media, and hopefully a conversation-opening exercise via TechCrunch. A few thoughts of my own below – and, you’ll be pleased to hear, links to much […]

Honda – Live skydive on Channel4

The video below is the brilliant 3 minute 20 second, 19 man skydive which Honda put out live in a Channel4 ad-break last night. Following some nice buzz building on the very simple and clever Difficult is worth doing blog. They’ve had some great press and blog coverage, no wonder the likes of Scamp are […]