The London Blogger Interviews #31: The London Dossier

This week’s blogger is Jean-Paul Séculaire who has been documenting London’s nightlife, cafes, record shops, bars and more since 2001, including a monthly calendar of club nights. His site, The London Dossier, is “an unapologetically personal guide to all that is cool in the UK’s capital city”, a great snapshot of London socialising and full […]

Bright One – Refugee Week

Following the Bright One first brithday party last week, celebrating a successful year at the not-for-profit communications agency, here’s the case study from the project I’ve volunteered on for Refugee Week: Bright One Case Study: Refugee Week 2009 The Bright One team I worked with – Luica Mak and Irina Stanescu were fantastic, as were […]

Cherie Blair @ LSE

I went to see Cherie Blair speak at LSE this week in her role as LSE alumni and also to plug her new book Speaking for Myself. I was a bit too young and uninterested in politics to pay much attention to her during ‘The Blair Years’ so I went without too many preconceived opinions and found her a great speaker, obviously in […]