What inspires me to blog

Lovely Ben tagged me in a meme about what inspires your blog posts, that lots of people like Wadds, Drew, Ged and Matthew have already responded to. Top things would be the below: Gigs and events – Probably my top inspiration, I find it easiest to write about things I’ve experienced, like Sarah Palin pinatas My Google reader  […]

(Old) Facebook is better than porn!

Part of the findings of Hitwise geek-supremo Bill Tancer in his new book is that searches for porn have halved in a decade (to around 10%), while social network searches continue to increase. Hopefully more to do with there being lots of great stuff online now that wasn’t there a decade ago, rather than just social networks being […]

Edinburgh Festival Days Two & Three

Edinburgh feels ages ago already – boo – these are my other best bits: Soweto Gospel Choir ♥♥♥♥♥ Back in The Assembly Rooms, loved it, simply a class act. Amazing Grace made me cry – job done.  So I hope it’s not offensive or horribly hypocritical to say that me and my Dad laughed afterwards about how nice religious songs […]

Geek out

Just some geekery… 1. This is cool, via Vice, Tuborg are auditioning for a festival blogger to report back on their behalf with from some of the big UK festivals. You get a complete festival kit and some nice ‘blogger/press backstage perks. This is a great idea and fab bit of online PR, I’m sure it’s […]

Party on the tube

I’m not sure if last night was a masterstroke of PR for Boris or not. Ending drinking on the tube at 12pm on a Saturday night payday weekend at the start of summer, doesn’t on reflection seem like the slickest bit of planning. The party that ensued might have made us look like naughty kids who […]