London Twestival: London PR superstars

I don’t normally copy whole posts over when I write elsewhere, but I wanted to make sure all these thanks were on my blog too.

London PR superstars

There’s a long list of lovely people who helped out on Twestival PR in some capacity or another, so here goes…

  • Neville Hobson – Early on Amanda advised I get a more internationally-minded person on hand as a sounding board, so I took a chance and asked Neville who ended up being fantastic. Acting as a sanity check and go-to guy on strategy, releases, plans, and helping me step back and think about what and how we were communicating. As well as lots of RTs and Amanda’s great FIR piece
  • Pete and Mashable for really up-ing the noise level
  • Benjamin Ellis – For dashing into London with two hours notice to be our man on the BBC. Ben spoke fantastically for Twestival and London’s Twitter users – he did us all proud
  • Jon Cartwright – our fantastic photographer, who’s shots were so fab, they made a Guardian gallery
  • Press office – Abi, Tom and Adam who hammered away at broadcast, London press and nationals, Daren who helped me nudge the BBC, Bryony, Laura S and Kristian who helped out with lots of bits and pieces, and Matt who wrote some great posts for the London blog
  • Tom, Tim and Ben – who? Yes even our esteemed Twestival-founders made some key calls. And Amanda for being – however sleep deprived – an excellent spokesperson
  • Giles and all at Real Wire for our lovely SMRs
  • Media – a few to call out include Jemima and Paul at the Guardian, Claudine and Milo at the Telegraph, Matt at MSN, Peter at PR Week, Gordon & Dan at Brand Republic, Tom at the Metro, Joe at Sky, Jon for The Sun, Rory, Tania, LJ Rich and Gareth at the BBC…there were loads of press who were fantastic in helping really champion Twestival

I’m sure I’ve forgotten people – please remind me if so, and I know twice as many people as that offered to help, it was just finding time to give people jobs!

Doing the PR for Twestival was a bit of an adventure, but a great opportuity to do something really cool, bringing people together and using and creating connections for something positive. We’ve demonstrated how much can be done in a short time to raise awareness for an essential cause like charity: water, if you get the right people involved. Some of the converage we managed to grab here.

Thanks all!

Jaz Cummins

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